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The reason I have decided to run for Mayor is my passion for the shire and the desire to have more input into our future. Based on my experience as a Councillor over the last six years, I believe I am the best person for the position as my involvement in the community and having been in business for 20 years gives me a broad range of skills and knowledge to fulfil the diverse range of duties required for the Mayoral position.


Work History:

  • Part of the Corporate Sector (Telstra) for over 20 years filling management roles all over Northern Queensland.

  • Business owner since 2004. 

  • Heavily involved and an active supporter in many sporting bodies.

  • Married with three kids.


  • been a Councillor since 2014 and part of the team which worked through all the hard decisions of the first two years of de-amalgamation from TRC that solidified the Council and placed it in the position it is in today.

  • aspirations and the desire to contribute to council maintaining stability for future terms.

  • worked with, and will continue to work with, many sporting and not-for-profit organisations to help them secure leases and ownership over their designated spaces, which in turn helps them to secure grants and improve their club’s aspirations.

  • worked collaboratively with Council officers to instigate the current Community Leasing Policy which is benefiting all community and sporting groups.

  • with Council's support, instigated projects across the shire including the Julatten bus drop off, Mount Molloy bus stop, Dimbulah Cemetery toilet to name a few.

  • worked with local Dimbulah ladies and Member for Hill, Mr Shane Knuth, in securing the future of the Dimbulah Community Kindy when the outlook was bleak.

  • Always upheld a strong community focus across the shire as a whole – not just one area or town.

  • Financially secured the ‘Festival of Small Halls’ concerts for Dimbulah by personally underwriting the tour to bring the artists to the community. 


‘I have always believed and still do, that staff are the best asset for all organisations’.


  • lead the team forward with clear transparency.

  • maintain a strong fiscal discipline.

  • have a strong community engagement with a focus on building stronger communities.

  • take a hands-on approach and be involved in conversations at the ground level without interfering with operational tasks.

  • ensure the best outcome for not-for-profit groups by maintaining policies that provide security for their long-term sustainability.

  • work with local businesses and industries to provide the best outcomes for our shire by promoting Mareeba as a business hub through marketing the Industrial Park and airport.  

  • communicate with State and Federal elected members representing our shire, inviting them to be interactive more with councillors.

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